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What Are The Benefits of a Mobile Personal Trainer?

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

It’s January. New Year, new you. This is it. This is the year you’re going to smash your fitness goals. That pair of bright pink trousers in the back of your wardrobe are making a comeback and you NEED to fit into them. Motivation is at an all-time high. Let’s do this. No giving up this time.

*Buys gym membership*

benefits of mobile personal trainer

Week 1/2: You’ve managed to hit the gym three times so far. Things are looking promising.

Week 3/4: Been once more. ‘Life getting in the way. Been too busy at work. Next week I’ll get back on it’.

Week 5-8: ‘Next week I’ll get back on it’…

Week 9+: ‘Should probably go to the gym as I am paying for it’. *Goes once more*.

Week 472…

*Cancels gym membership*

A whole lot of time (and money) wasted and now you’re back at square one. But it’s okay. I’m about to show you why you need not ever sign up for a gym membership again. I’m going to show you how working out at home, with a mobile personal trainer, will get you the results you desire.

Time Efficient

benefits of mobile personal trainer

Lack of time is an all too common limiting factor when it comes to working out. If you’re a busy professional, you probably don’t have the time for the following:

· Get yourself ready to leave with your water bottle, towel and everything else you always forget

· Drive to the gym in rush hour traffic

· Search for a parking spot

· Put your possessions into a locker (at which point you realise you’ve forgotten your pound coin)

· Head into the gym and wonder about trying to find some equipment that isn’t in use

· Attempt to get a decent workout in

· Pace around the gym trying to find where you left your locker key

· Pace around the car park trying to remember where you parked

· Drive home (but accidentally end up in McDonalds to consume the calories you've just burned, tenfold)

All of this can end up taking close to 3 hours out of your day.

However, training in your own home with a mobile personal trainer completely eliminates these steps. All you need to do is find a bit of space and you can get cracking. Put your own music on, wear whatever you want- no stress and extremely efficient.

If you’re a parent then you would have the added factor of needing to find childcare whilst you hit the gym. Mobile personal training takes this stress away as your little ones can stay with you.

More Effective Workouts – Kettlebells & Boxing For Fitness

With personal training at home, a great benefit is you don’t need to have any equipment yourself, as the trainer will bring it to you. The king of all mobile equipment, though, is the kettlebell.

Whatever level you are at, whether you are a beginner right at the start of your fitness journey, or a seasoned veteran than has been training for many years, kettlebells are the perfect tool. Almost every kettlebell movement can be adapted to either simplify or make harder, on a progressive scale.

Training with kettlebells can actually be far more effective than using machines in a gym too, if utilised correctly. Movements are very dynamic and can significantly improve mobility and core strength, whilst helping to develop smaller stabilising muscle groups that are often neglected.

Kettlebells make for great full body workouts. They can burn tons of calories, helping to lose fat, improve strength and build muscle.

The benefit of having a personal trainer to guide you here is to ensure you are completing exercises with correct form. Kettlebells are absolutely brilliant, but without guidance, can be a minefield of improper technique.

Here is an example of a full body circuit that requires only one kettlebell and a very small area:

There are endless exercises you can complete with kettlebells, meaning that you can make every workout different. This helps to keep you motivated and increases enjoyment.

Now when you think of cardio vascular fitness, I bet ‘treadmill’ or ‘cross trainer’ instantly comes to mind. Although these machines can still be beneficial (just about, maybe), boxing for fitness is far superior. Not only will it provide you with greater results, it is also a lot more fun, too.

benefits of mobile personal trainer
Boxing For Fitness - Mobile Personal Training Equipment

Boxing for fitness can also help to boost your mood and relieve stress- So if you’re looking to achieve results efficiently, whilst having fun (and getting any anger out at the same time), then mobile personal training may be the answer for you.

No Distractions

benefits of mobile personal trainer

If you’ve ever step foot in a gym, you know how hard it can be to focus on your workout. There will always be someone using the equipment you’re after (or rushing you to finish so they can take over). Bodybuilder Bob will be throwing his weights around to make sure everyone is looking at him. Not to mention the soul-sapping music booming through the sound system- Try having a good workout to an acoustic cover of Wonderwall… it just doesn’t happen.

A big benefit of mobile personal training, it’s just you and your trainer. No distractions. No one trying to steal your equipment when you turn your back. No Bob.

You are receiving the absolute most for your money as no time is ever wasted.

For some people, training in a gym with lots of other people around can be very unsettling- especially for those who suffer from anxiety. This could cause you to avoid trying certain exercises, or even to avoid training all together. Training at home can really help to build your confidence and allow you to do things you never thought would be possible.

No Excuses

Lastly, and potentially the most important benefit, is that there are no excuses. It is all too easy to make up reasons in your head not to travel to the gym. Maybe it’s raining outside… Or your partner is using the car… But when you have a mobile personal trainer, coming to your home, there is no option for bottling.

It becomes a lot easier to be consistent with your training. You will see the work you put in starting to take effect… Week, after week, after week.

Consistency = Results.

benefits of mobile personal trainer

That’s what it comes down to, right? Results. This is the reason you started, the reason you keep on going.

And on those days when the drive just isn't quite there, your personal trainer will be there to push you through.


Hopefully this has shown you the many great benefits of a mobile personal trainer and why working out at home may be for you.

If you live in Southampton, Winchester, Eastleigh, Chandlers Ford or Romsey and would like to know more about what I can offer you, you can contact me here.

Alternatively, click here to view prices, current offers and more info.

Thanks for reading!



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